By Tom Eurich  

In many ways the MLB draft is crucial. It allows teams to build up their farm systems so can show a level of consistency for many years. In a loaded draft, I will attempt to create a mock that I feel fair and consistent with many of the other mocks out there. However, the college baseball season had just begun and many of the top players right now will fluctuate throughout the season.  Since many top free agents are still available, this mock draft will not include Comp Round A. This is one of the more interesting drafts we have had because it is safe to assume that the top two picks will be Rodon and Hoffman with the real fun coming after as there are a plethora of good players. With that here is my mock draft 1.0:

Carlos Rodon1.) Houston Astros- Carlos Rodon (P/North Carolina State)- There really isn't an argument here. Rodon is easily the best player in this draft and has been mocked their many times. I don't see how a poor year could change this ranking however if it does, look for Jeff Hoffman to be selected here.

Other Options: Jeff Hoffman

2.) Miami Marlins- Jeff Hoffman (P/East Carolina)- Again, no real argument as Jeff Hoffman is easily the second best player on the board.

Other Options: None

3.) Chicago White Sox- Tyler Kolek  (P/Shepherd High School (Texas))- The third pick is where the fun arrives as it could be a possibility of 4 players: Alex Jackson, Tyler Kolek, Trea Turner, or Tyler Beede. Despite, the need for a catcher in the White Sox organization, I see them going with the high impact arm of Kolek who in my opinion has greater potential than fellow right hander Tyler Beede. However, if the White Sox don't want to wait that much longer to compete, I can fully back the selection of Beede here as he projects to be in the majors quicker.

Other Options: Tyler Beede, Alex Jackson, Trea Turner

4.) Chicago Cubs- Tyler Beede (P/Vanderbilt)- The pitching starved Cubs need to select young high-upside pitchers during this draft as it is full of them. Though, they also need catching depth like the White Sox, I don't think selecting catcher Alex Jackson would be a smart move when the club has a developing Welington Castillo in the big leagues already. This selection could very well turn out to be Trea Turner as Rick Renteria loves speed and wants to implant in this organization. However, I don't see the Cubs passing Beede here.

Other Options: Trea Turner, Aaron Nola, Touki Toussaint, Alex Jackson, Brady Aiken

5.) Minnesota Twins- Trea Turner (SS/North Carolina State)- Believed to be the best college hitter in this year's draft, I don't see the Twins who have a need for a shortstop passing him up. He could very well be a nice table-setter for Bryon Buxton and Miguel Sano as he projects to move relatively quickly. Alex Jackson could also be a fit here however I see his projected slow development as a downfall for at least the top 5 teams in this draft.

Other Options: Alex Jackson

6.) Seattle Mariners- Alex Jackson (C/OF/Rancho Bernardo High School (California))- This might seem like quite a drop for somebody I believe to be the best hitter in this draft however I think there is no better place to put him than in Seattle. Despite, his rawness that could potentially delay his arrival into the major leagues I don't see another player the Mariners could take with a faster arrival time besides maybe Aaron Nola and perhaps Jacob Gatewood whose positions are already a strength in the Seattle farm system.

Other Options: Aaron Nola, Jacob Gatewood

7.) Philadelphia Phillies- Aaron Nola (P/LSU)- The Phillies need a young arm to go with their aging pitching staff and although saddened that Tyler Beede or Tyler Kolek aren't here I think they will be relatively happy with Nola here. You may be surprised that Gatewood isn't here as Jimmy Rollins is aging relatively fast however I decided not to put him here based on the selection of J.P. Crawford last year.

Other Options: Touki Toussaint, Michael Gettys, Brady Aiken, Jacob Gatewood

8.) Colorado Rockies- Brady Aiken (P/Cathedral Catholic High School (California))- Another team that needs pitching will look no further than Brady Aiken, a lefty, who complements righties Eddie Butler and Jon Gray nicely. They could instead go with the hard throwing Touki Toussaint instead however I don't think they pass up on Aiken here.

Other Options: Touki Toussaint, Michael Gettys, Jacob Gatewood

Jacob Gatewood

9.) Toronto Blue Jays- Jacob Gatewood (SS/Clovis High School (California))- Your typical Blue Jays pick that goes along the line of best player available. Despite, Toussaint and maybe Michael Gettys being more of a need at this point, I chosen Gatewood to be the successor to Jose Reyes and maybe even start at second if the Blue Jays have not yet filled that spot by then. Easily, a typical Alex Anthopoulos pick.

Other Options: Touki Toussaint, Michael Gettys

10.) New York Mets- Michael Gettys (OF/Gainsville High School (Georgia))- The New York Mets would be hoping and crying that one of Jacob Gatewood or Trea Turner fall here as they are in desperate need of a shortstop, however they are in a need for a OF too and Gettys is the best player available at that position making this a relatively slam dunk of a pick.

Other Options: Braxton Davidson, Nick Gordon

11.) Toronto Blue Jays- Touki Toussaint (P/Coral Springs Christian High School (Florida))- The hard throwing righty makes perfect sense for the Toronto Blue Jays as they need to restock their farm system after the Jose Reyes and RA Dickey trades. Although, his character could be a little immature at times Toussaint's stuff makes him a sure lock in the top 15 of this draft.

Other Options: Braxton Davidson

12.) Milwaukee Brewers- Luis Ortiz (P/Sanger High School (California)- Although this seems to be a slight reach here on the Brewers part, I think it needs to be done as the Brewers desperately need young pitching and overall a better farm system. Maybe, the Brewers organization proves me wrong and drafts the best player available on their board however because of the talent already at the major league level there, I doubt this gets done.

Other Options: Nick Gordon, Braxton Davidson, Kyle Schwarber, Derek Fisher, Sean Newcomb

13.) San Diego Padres- Braxton Davidson (OF/T.C. Roberson High School (North Carolina))- This selection comes with the Padres need of out fielding and their fascination with high school players. Davidson, who is the best player available in my opinion, would be a perfect fit in the Padres organization.

Other Options: Nick Gordon, Derek Fisher, Sean Newcomb

14.) San Francisco Giants- Kyle Schwarber (C/Indiana)- This may seem like a surprise pick given then fast that Buster Posey is still a Giant but however in my opinion it makes perfect sense. I think this pick helps the Giants move Posey to 1B and Belt in the outfield to make an overall better team. I believe Schwarber has better potential than Susac but as in all young C's it will take him time to develop.

Other Options: Nick Gordon, Derek Fisher, Sean Newcomb

Nick Gordon

15.) Los Angeles Angels- Nick Gordon (SS/RHP/ Olympia High School (Florida))- Given that they lost Jean Segura in the Zach Greinke deal, I would like to give them another high impact shortstop that is also the best player available right now in my opinion.

Other Options: Sean Newcomb

16.) Arizona Diamondbacks- Sean Newcomb (P/Hartford)- The Diamondbacks usually collect pitchers during draft and I don't see why this year would be different. Newcomb, a nice lefty, is the best pitcher available.

Other Options: Grant Holmes, Max Pentecost

I have decided not to put any comments on the picks anymore due to time reasons

17.) Baltimore Orioles- Max Pentecost (C/Kennesaw State)

Other Options: Derek Fisher, Grant Holmes, Bradley Zimmer

18.) Kansas City Royals- Grant Holmes (P/Conway High School (South Carolina))

Other Options: Derek Fisher, Bradley Zimmer

19.) Washington Nationals- Derek Fisher (OF/Virginia)

Other Options: Bradley Zimmer, Brandon Finnegan, Erik Fedde, Luke Weaver

20.) Cincinnati Reds- Luke Weaver (P/Florida State)

Other Options: Bradley Zimmer, Brandon Finnegan, Erick Fedde

21.) Tampa Bay Rays- Bradley Zimmer (OF/San Francisco)

Other Options: Brandon Finnegan, Erik Fedde

22.) Cleveland Indians- Brandon Finnegan (P/TCU)

Other Options: Erik Fedde, Kyle Freeland, Kodi Medeiros

23.) Los Angeles Dodgers- Michael Cederoth (P/San Diego State)

Other Options: Erik Fedde, Kyle Freeland, Kodi Medeiros

24.) Detroit Tigers- Dylan Cease (P/Milton High School (Georgia))

Other Options: Erik Fedde, Kyle Freeland, Kodi Medeiros

25.) Pittsburgh Pirates- Erik Fedde (P/UNLV)

Other Options: Kyle Freeland, Kodi Medeiros, Cobi Johnson

26.) Oakland Athletics- Michael Conforto (OF/Oregon State)

Other Options: Kyle Freeland, Kodi Medeiros

27.) Atlanta Braves- Kyle Freeland (P/Evansville)

Other Options: Kodi Medeiros

28.) Boston Red Sox- Kodi Medeiros (P/ Weikeka High School (Hawaii))

Other Options: Cobi Johnson, Matt Chapman

29.) St. Louis Cardinals- Matt Chapman (P/3B/ Cal State Fullerton)

Other Options: Cobi Johnson

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